Welcome to the Reunion Ministries web site

Reunion Ministries was founded in Houston in 1980 by Everett R. Oakley III, Marialice Cameron Lindig, and J. Phillip Arnold.  Reunion  provides Christian counseling, study, and worship, as well as food and clothing for those in need.  In 1987 Reunion Ministries was joined by Pastor Chris Echebiri of the Houston Graduate School of Theology who continues to provide weekly worship services.  By 1991, increased growth led to the birth of an affiliated educational ministry called The Reunion Institute headquartered in the Rice University Village area where classes and seminars are held.  The counseling and teaching labor of the ministry continue under the leadership of Dr. Phil Arnold and others. Together the team serves those in need through pastoral care counseling and our ministry of biblical education, as well as the Harvest Houston social service ministry. We have a special vocation toward questing souls and outcasts from the mainstream.

Currently, the Ministry and the Institute function in brick and mortar as well as in cyberspace.  Together they contribute to the reconciliation of persons with themselves, their neighbors, with knowledge, and with God.  Reunion moves Godward from Alpha to Omega.